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Greenfields can manage your complete kitchen build from start to finish; design, manufacture and installation. Over the years we have built up an address book of tradesmen we know and trust to help you on your way to your perfect kitchen.

We can manufacture your kitchen to your own specific requirements. Sometimes however this may not be necessary and for these cases we can supply top quality units built to standard sizes and layouts.

Any kitchen will be complemented by one of our finely crafted worktops. Many cheaper options send your design off to China to be manufactured, then shipped back over to be installed. We buy in full size 3m x 2m granite slabs and do all the work, cutting and polishing ourselves. Not only does this reduce the carbon footprint of the project, it also keeps the money within our economy and ensures that you end up with exactly the top you want.

Longhope kitchen - 2008

These customers had very specific ideas on what they wanted from their kitchen, even to the point of providing us with a floor plan to start from. This can be a plus or a minus, luckily with these customers it was a plus. The layout was nicely thought out and they were open to suggestions from ourselves to tweak the layout in a few areas.

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